Commercial General Liability Insurance

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Commercial general liability insurance is a type of coverage that can protect you against liability claims regarding property damage and bodily injury that arise from your business operations, products and premises. It’s similar to “comprehensive” general liability insurance of the past.

If you own or operate a company of any kind, whether transportation-related or otherwise, this type of insurance can help protect you and your business.

How does commercial general liability insurance help?

If you own a company of any sort, including trucking, then general liability coverage protects your business from claims made against it by another person or business regarding damage to property, bodily injury, and medical costs.

You should consider obtaining general liability coverage if you or your employees:

  • Interact with customers face to face, such as if you visit customers’ premises or make deliveries there, or if customers visit your own business premises
  • Have any access to a customer’s equipment, such as if you use a customer’s machinery, trailers or anything else they rely on for their own business
  • Represent your customers’ business to others (third parties) regarding business-related activities
  • Use any third-party’s business locations for your own business-related activities
  • Enter into any contract which requires that you first have general liability insurance

Work with insurance professionals

At Girard Insurance Services we specialize in business liability insurance for businesses such as yours. Whether you’re the owner of a trucking company, an independent owner operator, or you run any kind of business that requires commercial vehicle insurance, we can help.

We have nearly 25 years of experience serving transportation and other industries with insurance coverage perfectly tailored to fit your business needs.

Our specialists can answer all your questions and explain the range of options for commercial vehicle insurance and general liability insurance, so you can choose what’s best for your own business.

Best of all, we’re proud of our reputation for quick, easy claim service.

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