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If you’re an owner operator or independent truck driver, you need good commercial vehicle insurance to keep yourself protected.

Whether you’re under a permanent lease or contract to a motor carrier, or whether you’re an independent truck driver working for yourself, you need the right kind of owner operator insurance. A commercial vehicle insurance expert can help you choose the best coverage to meet your own needs.

Owner operators working under permanent lease with a motor carrier

If you’re an independent truck driver working under a lease with a motor carrier, then your owner-operator insurance coverage needs mainly depend on your lease agreement with that motor carrier.

Usually, the motor carrier will provide the primary liability insurance coverage when you’re working with them. This liability insurance covers damage to property or injuries to people if you’re found to be at fault in an accident.

Yet, you may also need to have other types of insurance for independent truck drivers:

Non-trucking liability coverage which can protect you when you’re not on dispatch

Physical damage insurance which can cover the expense of replacing or fixing your truck if it’s stolen or involved in an accident

Motor truck cargo insurance that covers losses or damages to the cargo you’re hauling

Find the best deal for yourself

Although some motor carriers offer these extra trucking insurance coverages, usually you can get a better deal by finding them yourself through a leading trucking insurance company.

Best of all, by working with a good insurance company, you’ll be able to customize the policy to meet your own needs.

Owner operators working by their own authority

If you’re working under your own authority, then you’ll need to have your own commercial vehicle insurance, including:

Liability insurance to pay for injuries or damages that you may cause

Physical damage coverage to pay for the repairs to your own vehicle if it becomes damaged

Motor truck cargo insurance to cover damages to cargo that you’re carrying

There are many options…. Find the best choices for you

There are many different commercial vehicle insurance options available for owner-operators. If you want the right coverage at the right price, Girard Insurance can help. We offer the lowest prices and we handle all claims quickly and professionally.

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