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Each year, trucks carry trillions of dollars in cargo over U.S. roads. The company or person who transports that cargo is liable for anything that’s lost or damaged before the shipment reaches its final destination and is accepted by the consignee. That’s why it’s so important to have good motor truck cargo insurance.

Lost or damaged cargo can be costly for a trucking company or independent trucker, but the right motor truck cargo insurance plan provides you with peace of mind.

Why is the right motor truck cargo insurance so important?

Motor truck cargo insurance is a form of coverage that covers the cost of cargo up to a certain monetary limit set by the trucker or trucking company. If the cargo is damaged or lost, it’s covered by the insurance

And, beyond paying for the expense of damaged or lost cargo itself, the most comprehensive commercial vehicle policies also cover the costs of removing any debris or pollutants released onto a roadway or into a waterway in the event of an accident.

Federal and state laws require truckers or trucking companies to buy primary liability insurance, which is basic commercial vehicle insurance that only covers injuries to people or damage to property, when a trucker is found to be at fault for an accident.

Even though federal laws don’t require truckers to carry any motor truck cargo insurance, still, many companies that ship goods require the trucker to carry it.

Common carriers and contract carriers both need insurance

Keep in mind that both common carriers and contract carriers need appropriate commercial vehicle insurance. Whereas contract carriers have the legal liabilities already spelled out in their individual contracts, common carriers are liable for any ordinary damages or losses unless they they have motor truck cargo insurance of their own.

So, truckers and trucking companies that serve as common carriers should be especially careful to ensure they have the right coverage.

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