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When you’re in business for yourself, there’s a lot to be protected. As an independent trucker, you’re responsible for the goods that you haul in your own truck, whether for your own company or for an employer, as well as your own equipment. We can help by providing you with the best trucking insurance.

Whether you’re working in over-the-road trucking, excavation, building construction, or in any other capacity as a private carrier, we have a trucking insurance solution that’s right for you.

Depending on exactly which kind of trucking you do, there are a variety of commercial truck insurance coverage types that you’ll probably need:

Primary liability insurance is required for every trucking company or trucker who operates under his or her own authority. This coverage is required for all trucks that are owned or leased. Usually the motor carrier will provide this type of coverage for operators under lease, but occasionally there are situations when this doesn’t happen.

Cargo insurance will provide coverage for damage or loss to the cargo that a truck is carrying. Generally this is provided by motor carriers for operators under lease, but not always.

Physical damage provides coverage for replacements or repairs needed for damage resulting from events such as collision, theft, fire or vandalism to owned trucks.

Workers’ compensation coverage may be necessary if there are drivers or employees working for you. Most motor carriers require operators under lease to be covered by workers’ compensation or similar coverage. If so, we have several good ways to protect you.

Make the best trucking insurance choices for yourself

When it comes to trucking insurance, there are many different possibilities. To sort through them, you should work with truck insurance specialists such as Girard Insurance Services.

We can quickly assess your needs and show you the full range of options available to fit the kind of trucking you do. That way, you can decide what’s best for your own business. Best of all, we offer fast quotes and easy, hassle-free claims service.

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