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If you use any kind of vehicle for your business, whether it’s a truck, car or other vehicle, then you need some form of commercial vehicle insurance. Of course, the type of business auto insurance you need depends on the type of vehicle or vehicles you use, and how you use them.

Commercial vehicle insurance is available in many different configurations

Commercial car insurance is available in a wide variety of configurations and coverage amounts. Because each business is different, business auto insurance should be tailored to meet your needs exactly. At Girard Insurance Services, we can help by explaining the types of coverage and how they work.

Here are some of the questions that our customers most often ask:

Can my business vehicle be covered by my personal auto insurance policy?

Generally, no. Your personal auto insurance policy isn’t designed to cover the business risks associated with vehicles used for commercial purposes. If you use your car for your business, you’ll need commercial vehicle insurance.

Do I need cargo coverage?

You may need cargo insurance coverage if you’re using your vehicle to transport goods in exchange for fees.

Do I need business vehicle coverage for a car that I’m leasing?

If you’re using the vehicle for business purposes, then you should probably obtain commercial car insurance to protect yourself and your business.

If I sometimes carry clients in my car, are they covered by my insurance?

Generally, you’ll be covered for an occasional client who rides in your vehicle with you. Still, if you frequently carry clients in your car, or if your business involves transporting passengers for hire, then you should check with knowledgeable insurance specialists, such as the team here at Girard Insurance Services.

Should I include medical coverage as part of my commercial auto insurance?

If you carry clients or passengers as part of your business, you should consider having medical coverage. This can protect you and your passengers if an accident were to happen.

Do I need to add all my employees to the commercial auto insurance policy?

If there’s any chance that an employee will have access to drive your business vehicle, then they should certainly be added to the policy.

Ask the commercial car insurance professionals

At Girard Insurance Services we can answer all your questions about any kind of business auto coverage. And, with twenty-five years of experience in winning quotes for commercial auto insurance, we offer the best coverage at the lowest price.

Most important of all, we provide the industry’s quickest, easiest claim service.

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