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Whether you own or operate a few vehicles or a few hundred, and whether you use them to deliver cargoes, carry passengers or simply provide mobility for your own workers, you’ll need the right fleet insurance to protect your business.

At Girard Insurance Services, we can help. With nearly 25 years of providing America’s best fleet auto insurance, we offer the economies of scale that your fleet deserves.

Our specialists have a well-deserved reputation for delivering winning quotes for all types of commercial vehicle insurance, no matter the type of vehicle, and no matter how many or few.

Commercial auto insurance for your fleet

Generally, you’ll need some type of fleet insurance when you:

  • Own or lease 4 or more vehicles of any kind for your business
  • Use your business vehicles to haul goods or carry passengers for hire, or
  • Your workers drive company-owned or leased vehicles

How to get the best fleet insurance at the best price

There are several things you can do to save money on business auto insurance. The first step is to make sure that you only hire safe drivers – As part of the employment application process, you should request all driving records and review them carefully.

If you restrict your hiring to only those drivers with clean records and commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), you can save a significant amount of money. Depending upon the number of company vehicles and your number of employees, this strategy offers a great way to economize on your fleet vehicle insurance.

Your longevity in business is also important for obtaining good insurance rates – Generally, if you’ve been in business for at least three years you’ll be considered a better risk, and therefore eligible for lower rates.

Finally, some business owners also consider raising the policy deductibles and/or lowering the coverage limits. This can help reduce premium payments. However, this strategy also brings a potential downside if there’s an accident.

Work with the commercial vehicle insurance pros

Regardless of your business strategy, the first step to ensure that you and your company remain protected is to work with a proven team of business auto insurance pros such as the specialists at Girard Insurance Services.

We can answer all your questions, and we’ll build a commercial vehicle insurance program to meet your exact needs, all at the lowest prices.

Best of all, no matter how large or small your fleet is, and regardless of the work schedule it runs on, we provide quick, no-hassle claim services.

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