Whether you own and operate school buses that carry students, buses that carry church members, coaches that bring tourists on sightseeing tours, or local transit buses, Girard Insurance has the insurance coverage you need.

Types of bus insurance coverage

Apart from federal regulations, almost all states require that bus operators have liability insurance. Bus liability insurance protects owners and drivers of buses against the cost of claims regarding property damage and personal injury.

Bus liability insurance covers the cost of claims made against you, your bus driver, and your organization in the event that your bus is involved in an accident in which you’re found to be at fault.

Driver insurance generally covers personal injuries and financial losses to a driver following an accident. And, passenger insurance can cover injuries to passengers and perhaps damage to their belongings.

As well, specific types of business may require special types of coverage, including coverage for school buses, transit buses, and tour buses.

Choosing the right bus insurance

The first step toward choosing the right insurance for your bus or buses is to work with a good insurance team. The commercial insurance professionals here at Girard have more than 25 years of experience in providing the best combination of insurance coverage at an affordable price.

The second step is to work closely with your insurance professionals to help them understand exactly how you use your bus. The amount of time and distance that you operate a bus, as well as where it travels, are critically important factors in determining your premium costs.

For example, if your bus is only used once per week to carry church members, then your coverage needs are different than an operator who runs a full shuttle bus schedule every day of the week.

Likewise, whether your bus only travels locally or whether it routinely crosses state lines during trips will influence the types of coverage you need and the premiums you pay.

Finding bargains on bus insurance

Because of the wide variability in how buses are used, the costs of insuring them can also vary greatly. In order to obtain the maximum coverage at the lowest price, you should work with an insurance provider that is deeply knowledgeable.

Girard Insurance offers you the best of both worlds – affordable prices and exceptional claims service. To find the best bargain on bus insurance, just call us.