In the limousine business, customers count on reliable service. When there’s an issue with your vehicle, you need to resolve it quickly in order to stay on the road. That’s why it’s important to have good limo insurance to protect you and your drivers against liability claims if they arise.

At Girard Insurance, we have the coverage you need to satisfy the state limo insurance requirements. And, we provide the industry’s quickest claim services. We also keep you up to date on the best ways to save on premium costs.

Here are the best ways to reduce limousine insurance claims

According to recent actuarial research, limousines involved in crashes and accidents are disproportionately represented in three key types of crash.

By addressing the reasons for the over-weighting of these three types, drivers and owners can reduce limo insurance claims and premiums.

Left-hand turns are dangerous

Research highlights the fact that even though accidents which happen during left turns are only 2.6% of all claims, they lead to nearly 22% of all claim amounts paid.

These accidents often happen when large slow-moving limos make left turns into oncoming traffic on two-lane roads. It is often difficult for drivers to gauge the speed of an oncoming vehicle, especially at night.

Drivers should be patient and wait to be sure all traffic has passed before turning left. You shouldn’t begin your turn until or unless you’re sure there’s enough time to safely complete it before oncoming traffic arrives.

Crashes in intersections

Similar to left-turn accidents, crashes in intersections can be costly because they often involve several vehicles. Although only about 6% of claims were made for crashes in intersections, nearly 13% of all claim payments were made for those accidents.

Most intersections are nominally controlled by signals or signs, but sometimes drivers distracted by cell phone calls and texting don’t see other vehicles.

It’s always best to drive defensively and assume the other driver doesn’t see you at any given time.

Also, because of the size and length of many limo vehicles, it’s important to beware of any “stale green traffic lights” at intersections which are about to change to red while you’re approaching.

You should cover your brake pedal and decide whether you should stop or continue before reaching the intersection.

Bicyclists and pedestrians

Sometimes a pedestrian or cyclist moves unpredictably into the pathway of a limo. This type of accident is the worst. Although it represents only a tiny fraction of one percent of all claims, still, it adds up to almost 4% of all insurance claim payments.

Drivers should expect pedestrians or cyclists to appear unexpectedly at any time. They should slow down, frequently scan from side to side, and be ready to stop quickly, especially around parked cars, where many limo accidents occur.

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