Following the recent upsurge in cargo thefts from commercial trucks during transport, it’s important to make sure that when you shop for the best commercial truck insurance quotes, you should include adequate provisions for cargo insurance.

In fact, trucking industry security experts have reported that during the past year the average value of a truck’s cargo stolen in transport increased by more than 35% to almost $235,000 per theft.

And, about 90% of all reported thefts during 2014 occurred when the truck was parked within unsecured parking, and the driver wasn’t present.

Whether you’re an independent driver or own several trucks, you should find good commercial truck insurance quotes that include enough cargo coverage for the goods that have been trusted to your care during transit.

At Girard Insurance, we can help by providing the exact coverage you need, at a price you can afford.

Popular targets

The most popular targets for cargo thieves continue to be food and drink, electronics, and home and garden products. In terms of value lost, the cost of electronics stolen in transit averaged nearly $570,000 per theft, which represents an increase of almost 50% over the 2013 loss statistics.

Regarding total volume, food and beverage products were the category of cargo most frequently stolen in 2014, representing about 20% of all trucking thefts.

Electronics were the second-richest target for thieves, accounting for about 16% of thefts. And, housewares and garden products were stolen about 15% of the time.

The right commercial truck insurance quotes

In order to ensure that you have the right coverage at an affordable price, you should work with the commercial insurance professionals at Girard Insurance. We can tailor the coverage to exactly fit your business, so you’ll have the protection you need, without overpaying.

If you’re carrying valuable cargoes, especially food and drink or electronics, just call us for the best commercial truck insurance quotes.